Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Perfect Antidote

    When you are serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints it's the best thing of your life!  When you serve you talk to millions of people about Jesus Christ.  You study, think, and teach about Him all the time.  He is your life!  What did I tell thing ever!!!!
    Well......all of this includes some sacrifice, including putting your social life on hold.  That means no dating! Temporarily giving that up is worth it for the experience.  However, I seriously didn't think about guys for 18 months.  I came home very independently single, forgetting about the whole guy thing.
     I felt really sorry for my first date.   Let me expound:
I forgot that a man can open your door for you.  I forgot that it is okay to make eye contact with a member of the opposite gender. I forgot that you could be attracted to a man, and it won't be a sin.  And I forgot myself.  Oops.
But I decided to watch Pride and Prejudice the other day.  Oh I love that movie!  I love it when Darcy confesses his true love to Elizabeth, and she totally rejects him.  I love when he helps her family, and the moment she realizes she loves him. And I love at the end when he calls Elizabeth "Mrs. Darcy"  and tells her that he loves her.  I bawled.  And then I bawled some more. I forgot how amazing love is!  Pride and Prejudice:  the perfect antidote for independently single women.

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