Monday, March 18, 2013

{DIY} Casual Princess

I have the cutest niece named Shay.  She is the princiest princess if you ever saw one.  Everyday she has a ritual of changing into every princess costume she owns.  This ritual usually ends up in tears when mom says "We have to go!"  As almost all four year old girls, being a princess is a high priority, and changing out of the royal princess attire is heartbreaking.

Naturally what did Princess Shay want for her 4 year old birthday?  Uh....Princess dresses, duh.   So of course I explored Pinterest to see what I could do.

This lady had the BEST idea EVER.  She took everyday clothes, added a little pizzaz, and whaaalaa!   She created "Casual Fridays: Princess Style"

This is Shay modeling the new "Casual Rapunzel" look:

I found a light purplish pink shirt with ruffles and purple leggings at Walmart(all together $12), then I bought thread and fancy ribbon($6).    I undid the seams just enough, put in the ends of the ribbon in the neck and sleeves,and then sowed it back up.

Not a bad $20 gift especially for a princess in training!  

For more Casual Princess ideas, this is the blog: