Monday, April 30, 2012

Defining Moment

Last Sunday in church, a teacher asked us:  "What is one of your defining moments?"

Here is one of my defining moments.

I was at that stage where you wake-up 4 hours in advance to do your hair.  Unfortunately my hair is so thick that styling would always make me late for school.  I would miss my ride and plead for my mom to take me.  Well this particular morning my mom gave me a big dose of responsibility to shallow.   As I announced, for what seemed to be the 1,oooth time, that I missed my ride to school my mom stopped dead in her tracks, glared a very momish glare, pointed to the door and said: "You are walking to school."

I looked out the window only to see it pouring rain!  And not just any rain it was like a typhoon!  Oh woe is me!  And my hair was perfect.  Life was so unfair.  After much whining on my part and no budging on hers, I slammed the front door behind me, opened the umbrella, and started to cry.  What else could a 16 year old girl to do?

Needless to say, I was quite wet when I arrived at my class.  Actually I was soaked.  But there was a smile on my face.  In between the time I slammed the door and reached the school something had changed.  I started off in a dramatized self-pity, all huffy and puffy.  As I continued to walk the lesson settled in.  I realized I must take responsibility for my own actions.  It's me who decides my own destiny!  And I can choose to be happy.

This moment changed my life.
There's many moments in our lives that define who we are.  Some come in one singular, exciting moment and some come gradually over time.  Some are happy, some are sad.  These experiences mold our character.  They inspire us to do better.  

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