Monday, April 23, 2012

Rainy days

Last Spring I lived in Wayland, New York.  It rained for 90 days straight!!! The sun was literally MIA.....and I really missed it.  I thought I might never see it again.  The baseball fields turned into swimming pools and the mesquitos multiplied and replinshed the earth. How I yearned for a day without rain! But then something amazing happened: the storms ceased, the sun came back, and green appeared.  The most brilliant, wonderful, amazing green! The trees, the grass, the ivy.....I felt like I lived in a fairytale!  Suddenly the rain was all worth it. 

I feel this is like my life sometimes.  90 straight days of rain.  The sun is missing.  But I would never trade those rainy days for anything, because of the brilliant green of spring that comes afterwards!  Sometimes we have to be patient through the storm, and then we experience more happiness than we can imagine.  So I am grateful for all my days whether rainy, snowy, or sunshiny! 

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