Thursday, April 12, 2012

A big change in my life

   The last couple of months I've had a big life change.  I just got home from serving a mission for my church. Can i just say that it was the hardest yet most incredible thing of my life?  I loved it!!!  For 18 months I thought, studied, served, and talked about Jesus Christ.  As missionaries we are asked to leave the comforts of home and go to completely new surroundings to serve the Lord.  But the sacrifice is worth it!
    I miss the mission.  I actually have home sickness for the New York country sides. Those memories and life changing experiences will always be in my heart.
   So here are a few things I miss about my missionary life.  This is an email I sent home to my family toward the end of my mission, when I was completely enveloped in the work:)

You know you are a missionary when....
  • you teach and serve people even in your dreams
  • your heart pumps a little faster every time you see the mail man(seeing the mail man possibly means that one of your friends remembered you are still living and sent you a little something special)
  • your clothes start to wilt....
  • you pray not to fall asleep while you're praying
  • you live off of salad and cheezits, and whatever the kind people of the world feed you.
  • you feel prompted to talk to everyone, even if they get in their car and start to drive a catch them!
  • you start using scripture words in your speech like "that is an exceedingly cute sweater" or "so great was the food thereof"
  • dry shampoo is the ultimate beauty secret which makes showering optional (just kidding)(but seriously)
  • you are happy even when people totally reject you
  • you continuously crave food
  • your knuckles are red from knocking on everyone's door
  • your biggest joy comes when the people you are helping says they've read from the scriptures
  • Thrumpy is your new look.  You don't care if it's ugly...if it's comfy and fits you'll wear it
  • you experience millions of miracles everyday
  • you love the people you serve with all your heart
  • you could not image yourself doing anything better than testifying of Jesus Christ and His gospel to the world

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  1. Awww. Just found your blog. This list is so sweet. There's nothing quite like missionary service. :) Miss you!