{Blog for Thought}

    I think there was a time in my life where I wondered if I ever could be happy. TRULY happy. Isn't that the big million dollar question?! 

 There is that word "someday".  Someday when we actually make money, or someday when I lose that 20 lbs, or someday when I can eat oreos and not suffer from sugar overdose.....then I can be happy.

I didn't want to wait for someday anymore, I wanted to be genuinely happy with my life the way it already was.

    I took a color theory class a couple of years ago. P.s. it happened to change my life!!!  The instructor explained that only 2% of your direct line of vision is pure color. The further you get into your peripheral vision, the more gray the color becomes until you reach the end where your peripheral vision is completely black and white.  Luckily your mind fills in the gaps so you can enjoy color all around you. Thank goodness for our eyes and brains!

   I guess happiness depends on what you are focusing on.  If you are focusing on what other people have, your own happiness becomes gray.  Well, I was tired of seeing gray.  So I decided to focus on the pinch of pure color.  For me, that is Jesus Christ. 

Thus the name of my blog.  I believe in being empowered with the talents that God gave you.  Hopefully this blog inspires you to take the simplest of things and make them beautiful. Create!  Fulfill your purpose!  Enjoy a rich life...full of color.