Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to Adult Life

I officially feel like an adult!!!!  Do you want to know why?  In the last month:

I got a second job working as a hostess at a shmancy Italian  restaurant

I bought my very first CAR

I'm in real debt for the first time in my loan!

I MOVED OUT!!!  Got my very own place.

And I am paying for EVERYTHING.  I think that's what officially makes one an adult, when the only mail you get is bills.  And your name is on all of them.
Goodbye random shoppings sprees at Target.  You will be missed. Good bye cheese fries and fudge oreo shakes.  I will never forget you.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Popsicles

I almost live at Target.  That's how much I love it.  A couple of days ago before I walked into the store I saw this:
What the random?   I thought.   That doesn't even make since.    Why would anyone put popsicles on their doors?    Inside my head I smuggly remarked:    They must do that so the not-so-smart people realize it says "Do not enter."    no duh.  I smiled at my snarkiness.  Ha ha so funny.  When I got to the automatic entrance doors they didn't automatically open.  Strange....until I realized I was standing at the other "Do not enter" doors right next to these ones.
Lesson learned.  When you are feeling snarky, just remember that God can hear your thoughts, and He might want to get in a good laugh:)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My DIY Wreath!

Moving into a new apartment....I'm determined to make it welcoming, and above all, cute.  I am a big believer that where you live should invite the Spirit and positive, uplifting feelings.  Through out my high school years my room became a safe haven, and that's how I want my apartment to be.  Somewhere of my very own that creates feelings of peace:) 
So of course I've been buying things for my future apartment!!!   
First things first, I needed a wreath! 
I bought a foam wreath circle at Michaels and then covered it with strips of left over fabric from my pillows. The hot glue gun was my best friend during this project.  It took me.....25 minutes total.  Not bad for something cute. Nothing says "welcome" like a DIY wreath.  Can't wait to hang it on my apartment door!!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY Pillows Rampage

I go through "creating" phases.  Meaning I get an energetic or creative spurt and I have to get or make something beautiful.  And then I do that forever until I move on to a new exciting project.  My phases range anywhere from shoe shopping, to scrapbooking, to scouting out and painting old furniture.  Last week I went through the pillow making phase!  Check out the pillows that I made with help from Pinterest!!!

And guess what? These pillows are all made out of either shower curtains or place mats!!!
For real.
I went to every craft store possible and just couldn't find the perfect fabric. I even went online....and nothing.  Then I remembered target. How could I forget the best store ever?! I'll do the math for you. The quality fabrics at all the craft stores are quite pricey per yard. A good quality shower curtain or table cloth (usually a 72 in. by 72 in. or bigger) at Target is $10-$20!  And plus the amazing cuteness is definitely a better deal.
This one is my favorite:
 Shower curtain pillow with a decorative twist in the front.
Maybe took me 30 minutes!

This pillow i made out of a place mat ($2.99)
To spruce it up a little, I lined it with black jewel beads from my local craft store. here's a close up

And this one is my pride and joy...I had so much fun making it:) I used all of the scraps from my left over fabric to make this one.  Great for tying in all of colors and designs!