Friday, September 20, 2013

{Wreath of the Month} This is Halloween!

I pretty sure I just joined the "Halloween's my favorite holiday" club.  Maybe it's because this is my first Halloween decorating my own house.  And I've been going crazy with the decorations! And Nightmare Before Christmas is constantly playing in my head.  My husband came home yesterday to a chaotic mess of black and orange on our kitchen table.  Should I be doing the dishes?  Probably. But crafting is so much more fun.

I love wreaths, as I suppose any Pinterest-loving crafter does, so this is my first stab at my "Wreath of the Month."  Every last Thursday (or so) of the month, I will be posting a DIY wreath.  Ta da!  I'm so excited.  So for those of you, like me who get sick of decorations fast, can at least enjoy a flare of change at least once a month.

First off, if you haven't gone to JoAnn's in a while.....NOW IS THE TIME.  Best deals right before Halloween, especially for fabic.  And also Target's "Spot on the Dot" has great $1-$3 Halloween decor.

Everything I bought for the wreath I found at JoAnn's.  I'm a fan of anything big and sparkly, hence the boa.

With one yard of the Tulle and 2 yards of the orange netting, my total came to  $15.75.  Not bad!

I prefer my strips to be chunky, then I layered them for more volume

Most people use pipe cleaners to tie the fabric to the wire frame.  I just used black yarn that I found lying around the house.   A little more time consuming but saved me a couple of bucks :)

I did the orange first, and then implemented the black into the wreath.

I used a hot glue gun and glued the boa to the netting.  This gave me some control over the crazy black feathers.

I saved extra ribbon to hang the wreath.  And here's the finished product:

As I said before...I LOVE Halloween!
Check out my blog next time for my Thanksgiving wreath.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

15 New Born Pics for your Little Man

Oh. my. heck.  Aren't these the most melt-in-your-mouth-cuteness pictures ever?  Since the excitement of our new addition has overtaken me I've been stuck on pinterest looking at pic after pic.  You've probably have seen some of these before, but these are my 15 most favorite. Can't wait for my own little man photo shoot.

And now for my ultimate favorite (Adam is a HUGE Nationals fan, so we are definitely doing this):

Feel free to share with me your favorite photos too!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First-time-mom hospital checklist

I can hardly believe that I am having a baby in 5 WEEKS!  Although I definitely do feel it every time I stand up on my cankles....and every time I use my big preggo belly as a placemat.  Since I am a first time mom, I have NO clue what to bring to the hospital.  Which is why we women all love pinterest.  I searched for a good list of things I need to take.

Utlimately this website called was my favorite.

Love love love.  I thought this was so cute!  And then I kinda got addicted...oops.  And now I am in love with their website. So check it out.  And wish me luck.