Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Great to Be 8! I like to look for Rainbows

If you are not in primary than you are missing out.  Just kidding all of the church is awesome.  But primary is like the middle of the cinnamon roll.....which to me is the best part!

We have twelve 7 year olds turning 8 this year and so we wanted to start the year off with a bang.  Sorry to those who have already celebrated great to be 8's this year!

Our theme was "I like to look for rainbows"
LOVE this song.  I found this idea on pinterest for St. Patrick's Day, but "converted" it a party favor.

You need a bag of Rainbow Twizzlers

1 bag makes around 8 to 9 party favors
I got a second since we had 12 great to be 8's

and clear gift baggies

Dollar store is great.  I bleed Target so that's where I got mine.

Then arrange the Twizzlers on a pan and then put them in the baggies. 

Fold over the top and tape.

Print, cut, and tape on cloud handout on the top of the baggie.

So....I didn't realize that I did "love" instead of "like" until I had cut and taped them.  
I did change it afterward in a PDF for all of you!


Cut out and tape to the top of the baggie.  And there you go!  Cute party favor!