Monday, July 8, 2013

Accent Wall

I decided I am not only obsessed with the chevron pattern, but painting any type of pattern on walls.  Painting is so addicting!  Luckily for my husband, this was the last room in the house that needed to be painted.  Until next year.  He made me swear 12 month pledge before I re-demolished everything again.

The dining room needed some umph.  The previous owner put up what we loving called the "Thanksgiving wallpaper".  Um.....yeah.

I wanted our dining room to be chic and beautiful, and with colors that also tied into our living room.

Supplies needed: 

Black sponge brushes
Blue tape (I feel like the "sharp edge" blue tape from scotch works the best...)
A white pencil (shows up easily, erases great, and doesn't show through paint)
A yard stick/level
An accent paint of your choice

                    Step one:

                    Step 2:

                 Step 3:

I used Word and inserted the diamond shape.  Easy peasy. Printed it on card stock.

Every other line, mark 20in down from the ceiling. On the other lines, mark 6in down from the ceiling.

At the 20in and 6in marks, place the tip of the diamond along the line and trace.
Erase the line in the middle

                 Step 4:

Paint three coats (then clear top coat if needed) let dry and peel.


If you are going metallic, Martha Stewarts selection is awesome.  I used 4 of her little bottles.  I also got a interior top coat to ensure it stays on the wall well

A lot of people get flat paint for the wall, and then satin paint of the same color for the accent.  Perfect if you are going for a more subtle pattern.

My friend wanted thin lines, so she substituted paint with a non-oil based paint Sharpie.  It looks awesome.

 After it's dry, take off tape, touch up it up, erase any extra lines and you are set!


Spooning since 2012

I found this cute idea on Pinterest and LOVED it.  I needed a little something to spice up our kitchen, so this was perfect.  Great when you have limited kitchen wall space.

All that's needed is a picture frame, 2 spoons, and a piece of scrapbook paper.  I just printed off the words from my computer. Easiest project I've ever done and everyone who reads it laughs:)
I think it's a great Anniversary, Valentine's, or Wedding gift.

Here's the link to another example: