{Giving Thanks}

I think the times that you are the happiest you are the most grateful.  I think we all have times in our lives when we forget....I know I do.  Every morning before I say my prayers I write down what I am grateful for, so then I can remember what God has given to me.

I am grateful for....

My amazing husband Adam
My cute family...gotta love 'em!
A nice warm fluffy bed (without bedbugs)
Pictures to remind me of happy memories
Target's clearance rack
People who do nice things that go unnoticed
My best friends Cynthia and Chantelle....I am impeccably blessed
Cute shoes, seriously a good pair of cute shoes can make your day 100% better
The wonderful amazing people that live in New York!  You know who you are.  Love you guys!
The feeling you get after a long run...
That God made the world pretty
The smiles, texts, and phone calls of friends
Food...oh....CHOCOLATE!  Thank you Heavenly Father for inventing the cocoa bean
My 18 month service mission....that changed my life!!!
People who share their amazing talents
Honestly, that I have weaknesses.  There's always room to improve:)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life
Joseph Smith, a prophet of God
The healing power of the Book of Mormon
When I pray I can talk to my Heavenly Father and He can talk back

And most of all...
Jesus Christ, my friend, my Savior, my everything