Friday, January 10, 2014

January Baby Pics

I've officially turned into a photo freak.  My Sister-in-law told me it happens to every mother.  I convinced myself it would not happen.  And yet… I find myself buying outfits purely to take pics of Jaxon in them.  Poor Jax.  But this smile says he's getting used to it.

I found this hat at Target on sale for $6.  It's their Cherokee brand and I about died when i saw it.  That's what Target does to a woman.   

My favorite way to take pictures? With our iPad.  No joke every pic of him I take is with the iPad now. I like the iOS7 editing choices.  Just as good as photoshop for me(since I don't have that haha)!

The trick is to click a million pics and finally get a smiley.  I love him so much! 

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