Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Best Sewing Machine for the Minky Seamstress

Sewing has become my thing lately.  When I was 16 my more got me a little Kenmore sewing machine from Sears.  Right….thanks a lot mom.

What I didn't understand then(along with a slew of other things) is that became the best gift anyone has ever given me.  I literally use it everyday, for anything like letting out my pre-pregnancy pants to sewing burp cloths.
Sewing became a passion, and I was recently offered a job sewing for Minky Couture.  If you haven't ordered a blanket from them…..


They are the best, cutest, softest blankets on the face of the planet.

I had to get one for my baby. He is obsessed with it.

Minky Couture has been in business for the last 3 years, and business is booming.  Everyone has to have a Minky.

But quickly I learned that sewing minky fabric is incredibly hard……and the days of little Kenmore came swiftly to an end.  My tension was off every 5 seconds, and I repinned the blanket (so that dang fabric wouldn't slip) until my fingers hurt.

My manager finally suggested a sewing machine that has proved the most minky worthy…

PFAFF Ambition Essential

$700 retail, but if you're like me you have to buy used.  I bought mine for $435 on ebay.

This is perfect for the sewer who is not a professional but does lots of projects!

The reason this machine is so good……well, for one, it's a FPAFF. Also the built in walking foot keeps the fabric from slipping.

If you can't afford a new machine I highly suggest buying a walking foot attachment online.  On amazon they ranged $20 to $40 depending on the model and quality.

Happy sewing!

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