Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Carseat Canopy...easiest tutorial ever!

I love the whole carseat canopy thing.  So cute!  And as I've learned the last month, it keeps your kid warm and away from germs.

When I was still pregnant everyone told me about this carseat canopy website.  But holy expensive!  Even with the promo codes I thought to myself I could do this for so much cheaper! So of course I found myself on Pinterest.

I hate reading instructions.  I am a huge visual learner...show me how to do it once and we're good.  So when it comes to following a tutorial on the internet, I read several to see which one I like and understand the most.

GO to:  creativelychristy.blogspot.com

I found this tutorial for a carseat canopy and loved it. SO easy, especially if you pretend to be a good sewer, like me.  It literally took me one hour!  Which, according to my husband, never happens!

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