Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Future in an Envelope

Today I'm shuffling through mountains of old papers.  You know, notes from my best friend in 7th grade all the way down to bank statements and old homework I spent so much time on I began to be emotionally attached.  They are shoved in boxes that I tried to forget about.  But today is the day to tackle the mountainous load.
Between some receipts I found an envelope.  The label said "My Future."  I opened it to find a small paper I had written in 2007 and this is what it said:

Where I see myself in the future:

2008:  Attending Weber State University
2009:  Transferring to Utah State!
2010:  Finish up a semester, and then go on a LDS mission!!!
2011:  Serving a full time 18 month mission for the Lord
2012:  Come home from my mission and go to college
2013:  Meet Mr. Right.....somewhere down the line
2014:  Finish school!

This made my heart happy!  I achieved almost all of my goals! 
I attended Weber State. 
I didn't transfer to Utah State, but continued my education at Weber
In 2010 I finished up a semester and then left for an LDS mission in August. 
I spent the most wonderful 18 months of my life in western New York. There I served the Lord with all my heart.
This year in 2012, I'm home and establishing my life!  I enrolled in my last semester at Weber before transferring to Utah state.  And I can't wait to see what the future holds.
I am grateful for goals and the hard work it takes to achieve them.    


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