Friday, May 18, 2012

The Desperate Life of a Chocoholic

Many of you know I have an addiction.  This addiction started when I was 5 months old.  My grandpa, despite the disapproving opinions of my grandma, put a chocolate chip in my mouth.  From that moment my world changed.  Chocolate became part of my purpose in life.

I became a chocoholic.

There are 4 girls in my family.  It was Sunday night and we all in that fun time of month.  Can't go to the store because we'll break the we did what any desperate chocoholics would do:  we declared a house search.
In the pantry we found chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting. I made the mix and realized we were fresh out of eggs.  Miraculously my mom remembered our out-of-town neighbors said in case of emergency we could borrow anything.  I wonder if they ever noticed their eggs are missing.  No worries I will replace them!

We couldn't stop there.....

We found a can of sweetened condensed milk and cool whip.  You know where I'm going with this?
Yep, Better-Than-You-Know-What-Cake, or what me and my friends call "Immoral cake." It's just that good. So after accidentally burning the sweetened condensed milk and defrosting the cool whip, we feasted.
It tasted slightly funny, but we ate the whole thing.
Will I go to any lengths to eat good chocolate?

Make the real thing and die of happiness: 
Immoral Cake

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  1. That just sounds too yummy. I think I need to go raid my kitchen for some chocolate now.