Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My DIY Wreath!

Moving into a new apartment....I'm determined to make it welcoming, and above all, cute.  I am a big believer that where you live should invite the Spirit and positive, uplifting feelings.  Through out my high school years my room became a safe haven, and that's how I want my apartment to be.  Somewhere of my very own that creates feelings of peace:) 
So of course I've been buying things for my future apartment!!!   
First things first, I needed a wreath! 
I bought a foam wreath circle at Michaels and then covered it with strips of left over fabric from my pillows. The hot glue gun was my best friend during this project.  It took me.....25 minutes total.  Not bad for something cute. Nothing says "welcome" like a DIY wreath.  Can't wait to hang it on my apartment door!!! 

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