Sunday, June 3, 2012

DIY Pillows Rampage

I go through "creating" phases.  Meaning I get an energetic or creative spurt and I have to get or make something beautiful.  And then I do that forever until I move on to a new exciting project.  My phases range anywhere from shoe shopping, to scrapbooking, to scouting out and painting old furniture.  Last week I went through the pillow making phase!  Check out the pillows that I made with help from Pinterest!!!

And guess what? These pillows are all made out of either shower curtains or place mats!!!
For real.
I went to every craft store possible and just couldn't find the perfect fabric. I even went online....and nothing.  Then I remembered target. How could I forget the best store ever?! I'll do the math for you. The quality fabrics at all the craft stores are quite pricey per yard. A good quality shower curtain or table cloth (usually a 72 in. by 72 in. or bigger) at Target is $10-$20!  And plus the amazing cuteness is definitely a better deal.
This one is my favorite:
 Shower curtain pillow with a decorative twist in the front.
Maybe took me 30 minutes!

This pillow i made out of a place mat ($2.99)
To spruce it up a little, I lined it with black jewel beads from my local craft store. here's a close up

And this one is my pride and joy...I had so much fun making it:) I used all of the scraps from my left over fabric to make this one.  Great for tying in all of colors and designs!

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