Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spice up your old air vents!

I live in a cute little 1940's home.  Which is awesome(and I love), except for......the dreadful air vents.  Anybody with me on this one?  You know....those honkin' huge metal radiator looking things that take up half the wall.  Yeah those.

Um gross.  

Especially in this color, with a little left over 1940's grime.  

THERE IS HOPE.  Since my living room colors are grays, yellows, and greens, it was time for a change.  No more ugly (is that color gold?) vents.  

Time for a trip to Walmart.  I love their spray paint, especially the Krylon nickel color.

Wipe the vents down, spray, let them dry and whhhhaaaallla! 

Rather than a nuisance, a nice, matching vent. 


  1. Hey. Your brother spoke in church today and he did a FABULOUS job. Also, they sang and it was an incredibly beautiful arrangement and I am always amazed at all the talent I see coming out of good ol' BHS. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know.

    1. How did I not see this comment?! I was so sorry I missed him speak. I'm glad he did a good job, I'll have to pass the word along. We need to get together soon:) I can't believe how bog Ruth and Will are getting...