Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chevron Wall Tutorial

I am obsessed with the chevron pattern...which is okay because it seems the rest of the DIY-er population is too. My latest adventure was painting the spare bedroom.....which one day will be our kiddies room. I read so many DIY blogs and watched on painting a perfect chevron on my wall. Oh my goodness. All of the blogs/tutorials recommend drawing a grid on your wall. I realized if I wanted to spend the rest of my life painting one wall then I should follow their advice. So I created my own perfect chevron plan.

It's been thought of before and certainly isn't rocket science, but it made my life so much easier! I created a template for one chevron:
Um's out of my random pile of scrapbook paper.

Here are the measurements:
7 in high
9 in long
up 3 in from the bottom

I started by marking down every 7 inches on one side of the wall with a 12 inch ruler then I traced my template on the wall with a pencil.

I would also measure the wall after I traced it just to make sure it was aligned right

Ta Da!  I love my Chevron wall!

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